PS4 Pro Media Player App Now Gets Support to Play 4K Videos from USB Stick

PS4 Pro

The Media player app on the PS4 Pro console is supposed to be powerful, just like the device itself and it’s getting a new update soon that it will support 4K video playback.

After having spent at least a decade trying to achieve true 1080p resolution, the gaming enthusiasts are now on a whole new level. The PS4 Pro console dutifully caters to their requirements by supporting 4K gaming in specific titles. The list is expanding and Microsoft will soon join the race this year with its Xbox Scorpio console.

PS4 Pro

In an blog post, it was confirmed that the media player app will be able to run 4K videos stored in MP4 format on any USB thumb stick. It can also stream videos from a home server so that you can enjoy those amazing movies on the big screen. A television that supports 4K resolution is obviously a minimum requirement to be able to enjoy the full potential of the console and the updated app.

A lot of players use storage space available on a USB stick by making it act like an extended storage for the PS4 Pro console. You cannot use these devices to store a 4K movie in it and play it back on your television. They are already formatted and can only be used to save games or apps. With the updated version of the media player app, it is now easier than ever to find your home server and automatically list movies available in it.

The developers have also added better support and functionalities for the PS VR headset. While the default display resolution of the headset is 1920xRGBx1080, it will still look much better when you stream and watch 4K videos. The head mounted display will offer an immersive movie watching experience like no other. Players also have the option to use apps including Netflix, Youtube and Hulu to enjoy 4K content. The only catch in this announcement is that it supports videos that are in mp4 format.

Xbox Scorpio

Converting existing 4K files to the particular format or trying to rip them off a 4K bluray to convert and watch them is a very tedious task. The time it takes doesn’t justify the results. If Sony could have added support to run 4K blu ray discs on the PS4 Pro console, it could have been a much better proposition. The companies don’t seem to think of such minor yet very useful features to make the gaming console more than what they are. Xbox Scorpio should be a better console in terms of raw hardware power which can be confirmed only after the official launch.

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