PS4 Slim Or PS4 Neo – What To Buy This Holiday Season?

PS4 Neo

Sony has not officially announced the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Neo yet.

But, pictures have already surfaced online confirming the existence of two new consoles and are expected to be confirmed at the upcoming Playstation event.

A lot of information is available even though Sony has refused to confirm them at the moment. The PS4 slim is the slimmer version of the existing Playstation 4 console. Except for the design change, it is going to be fairly the same in terms of hardware and performance. The PS4 Neo or the PS4.5 however is a different machine which is supposed to support HDR, 4K video rendering and other functionalities.

Holiday season is fast approaching and once the Playstation event is underway, most people will be wondering what they should buy this year. The answer might vary based on the type of gamer you are. The PS4 Neo offers a much better gaming experience and should easily handle 1080p gaming with 60 frames per second or somewhere close. The PS4 slim may not have such features as it isn’t designed to be a next generation console.

PS4 Slim

Any ardent gamer knows that graphical differences are usually minimal in the mid-life hardware recycle. Both Microsoft and Sony are doing a refresh so as to attract new buyers on board. Xbox One S is already witnessing amazing sales and pre-orders. It offers the same that PS4 Neo does with a bigger hard disk to store more games at once.

Xbox Scorpio with state-of-the-art hardware is heading to stores next year and a new Playstation 5 is inevitable. In such a scenario, trying to spend more money for meager features doesn’t make much sense. If all you need is a console with a slimmer design and some revamped hardware, the PS4 Slim is a much better choice.

Besides, Sony would obviously provide bigger hard drives with their new console. Games will continue to be released on both PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo. Except for the minor graphical changes, it is going to be the same game that you would enjoy on both platforms.

Going for the PS4 Slim, which we expect to be priced bit lower than the powerful new console is a better choice for most gamers. For others who always prefer to be ahead of everyone else and enjoy the best AAA titles every year, the PS4 Neo although a bit pricey will be a worthy addition until the next gen console is announced.

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