PS4 Slim Unboxing Video Is Already Online, New Dualshock 4 Confirmed

PS4 Slim Unboxing

The Sony Playstation event is about to take place on September 7th.

Almost a week before the actual announcement, pictures of PS4 Slim console emerged and now there’s a brand new unboxing video of the console.

Things are pretty fast this time around where people have purchased the console and event posted images of it being turned on. We know very well how the hardware would look like. Playstation 4 Slim apparently gets rid of the italic look and has a slim profile. It is now more rectangular in shape and has some minor hardware changes.

Despite the leak, there is no word on the PS4 Neo or the PS4.5 yet. It is supposed to be the mid-life hardware revamp that gamers are looking for. With the new console, most titles should be able to run seamlessly at 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second or something close to it. Sony is about to announce two different consoles at once.

Playstation 4 SlimWhile we did have the chance to see the unboxing video of the PS4 Slim, it seems copyright issues have played a role in the video being pulled off Youtube. Never mind, as new versions of the clip will be posted in multiple formats. Just keep searching the web and you might easily find the video in a different source if you are too curious to wait for the actual launch.

Apart from the renewed consoles, Sony is about to launch a new Dualshock 4 controller with a LED light on top. The concept is nifty albeit being a minor change. The small strip of lightbar allows you to see the color and know which player are you, especially when you are busy playing team games in the middle of the night with no lights.

The new controller may have some more features which we are not aware of at the moment. Only when Sony launches it in the first week of September, more details of the PS4 slim, PS4 Neo and the new controller will be available for you. When they do, we will be there to attend the event and bring you the update as soon as the announcement is made.

Is it exciting? That’s a big question because within a year or less, Sony will bring their next gen PS5 console as Microsoft will with their Xbox Scorpio. Do you need a console upgrade now? Tell us in the comments below.

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