Reasons why GTA San Andreas, the 2004 Game, is still popular among Gamers


Here’s a retrospective on GTA San Andreas, the first GTA game that was released for play in the year 2004.

It is called the GTA San Andreas and this game is still popular though the current version, GTA 5 might enjoy the status of having sold the maximum copies. Those who have played the game and others who have reviewed it never forget to mention the vehicle in GTA San Andreas that beats everything else. At a time when there is a clamor among the fans for the release of GTA 6 it will be interesting to go back in years and remember what GTA San Andreas has on offer.

The Indestructible Vehicle in GTA SA, A Bicycle

Among Rockstar’s creations within the GTA San Andreas game is a bicycle that you cannot just shoot down, even if you were to use the mightiest firepower available in the game, the cannon in the tank! It is not known why the developers thought it fir to include a humble bicycle that can escape a volley of fire from machine guns and even the rocket launcher. It is also amusing to learn that this feature is seen in a video game that was out for play in 2004, a good 16 years earlier.

GTA San Andreas

Other Interests in the Same Game

Fans consider GTA San Andreas a great game and it is still remembered because there were many other elements in it besides the indestructible bicycle. Any GTA game has all kinds of violence included in them, crimes, killings, theft and so on. GTA SA was no exception. The player could kill soldiers and cops as they wanted to. The romancing side had the characters having multiple girlfriends and dumping some of them, going swimming and so on. For the auto enthusiasts, the street racing offered the thrill. If you are not familiar there are even scenes of pimping within the game, among the vices on display.

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To counter these, the game offered some good Samaritan deeds too. You could save an injured pedestrian by commissioning an ambulance to ferry him to the hospital. From being a thief, you can change into a cop and start killing the criminals. There are other good things or positive things to do in the game and make up for the sins committed earlier.

In all, the GTA San Andreas is a very diverse game and offers something for everyone.

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