Red Dead Online Makes An Announcement About New Bounty Hunter Bonuses

Red dead online

Rockstar Games recently made an announcement stating that new Red Dead Online players have the option of embarking upon their journey as vigilantes with a bunch of interesting bounty hunting rewards and bonuses.

All these bonuses and rewards can be availed of till the end of March. Apart from this, Red Dead Online fans can stake their claim on the different parts that are required to put together a visually appealing Bounty Hunter outfit without having to pay anything for it.

This announcement has come in the wake of fans criticizing Rockstar Games for all its blunders while launching new titles or updating the existing ones. Now, new players of Red Dead Online will have the opportunity of getting 5 Bars from the Bounty Hunter License. Current players stand to receive 2X payouts and XP on standard bounties. On Weekly Featured Series, Legendary and Infamous bounties have the chance to earn 3X payouts.

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Between March 1 and April 4, Red Dead Online players will get several opportunities to win multiple rewards. In the first seven days of March, new players who kickstart their career and manage to finish two-player bounties will get a discount of 30% on the very attractive Bounty Hunter Wagon. This month offers several other lucrative deals to players. In-game stables are offering a 40% discount on all Breton and Andalusian horse breeds.

Bounty Hunters, who are already carrying a license, will get a discount of 30% on all the specialized Bounty Hunter Outfits including Garwood, The Wakeeney, Thorogood, Bullard and Carthage. An equal percentage of discount will be offered on different types of weapons, clothing, supplies and armaments.

On the surface, it seems that this particular update has been designed for the benefit of new players, the fact is that it has a lot to offer to seasoned players as well. Licensed Bounty Hunters, who chose to play Red Dead Online at some point this month, will be given 150 Revolver Cartridges and a free reward. Older players are also entitled to get 5 Special Horse Revivers that should prove to be very helpful to them when they get into a major altercation with somebody.

This update is also an attempt by Rockstar Games to revive the interest in Red Dead Online in all those players who had begun to find it uninteresting. One of the recent updates for the game received a lot of harsh criticism from a section of the fans who stated that the rewards are far from being exciting and asserted that Red Dead Online is not as engaging as the story mode in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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A large number of players expressed their opinions using the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline and said that the bonuses and rewards being offered at the moment are not good enough for most of the fans of Red Dead Online.

While the response from a large number of fans has not been very positive in the recent past, the character creator of Red Dead Online continues to enjoy enormous popularity.

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