Red Dead Online – Rockstar Announces Massive Rewards and Offers for Limited Period

Red Dead Online Bonus

If you are stuck at home and need a good reason at trying your hand at the action-packed video game Red Dead Online, this might be the best time.

The studio, Rockstar has announced a variety of attractive offers on its official Newswire website. These may not last long and now is the time to grab and enjoy as much as you can. There are several Free Roam Events in the game. Some of these are going to be available only during this weekend, April 17 to April 20. Here is a summary of what to expect.

50% Bonus and Limited Time Clothing

Rockstar is going to reward you 50% bonus this week on XP, RDOS and Gold in the Free Roam Events in Red Dead Online. There are discounts to be earned for just playing the game as well. A free Ability Card is being sent to your Benefits section if you play Red Dead Online this weekend.

There are a whole lot of clothes to be had from The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. These can also be availed only till April 27 and include jackets, coats and so on. Try them on in the game and feel comfortable.

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The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue is also giving away substantial discounts on weapons like shotguns and Melee weapons as well as on horses.

Rockstar Games has tweeted these messages briefly on its official Twitter handle, confirming the offers and discounts.

Contribution to COVID-19 Relief

Rockstar has also added a couple of lines at the end after mentioning these discounts and offers on the website. These indicate that the company will donate a part of the revenue it gains from the Red Dead Online during the months of April and May 2020 will be donated towards relief efforts and in the fight against the Coronavirus. This may encourage more people from downloading the game and in making purchases within the game.

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Most businesses in America have taken a beating due to the lockdown. The number of people negatively impacted by the virus can be seen from the weekly unemployment figures being released. These are unprecedented times, possibly after World War II. The entire nation has time to talk and think about only one subject, the pandemic. The gaming community may think that this is also the time when the demand for their games has gone high.

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