Red Dead Redemption Remake Might Be Launched Before Starfield

Red Dead Redemption remake

Though the Red Dead Redemption remake has not been confirmed by Rockstar Games yet, there is a good possibility of it arriving before Starfield.

Red Dead Redemption was launched way back in the year 2010. Eight years later, Red Dead Redemption 2 released. Though many popular games have been released in the action-adventure space in the last few years, nothing comes close to the Red Dead Redemption franchise.

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Despite the franchise being as popular as ever, one cannot overlook the fact that many of the elements in it look outdated. That’s the primary reason why fans had been wishing for a RDR remake. Though Rockstar hasn’t made any announcement about Red Dead Redemption getting a remake, there has been several reports pointing towards this development.

A report compiled by Colin Moriarty, a former IGN editor, states that the RDR remake, which has not even been announced by Rockstar Games, could be launched in August this year. Even if it does not get a release in August, as per Colin, Rockstar will make an official announcement about the game during this month.

A couple of days back, one had stumbled upon some substantial evidence indicating towards the presence of a RDR remake. The evidence also led one to believe that the RDR remake, as a finished product, would be far more impressive than one had imagined it to be.

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While speaking at the Sacred Symbols podcast, Moriarty stated that he had heard the Red Dead Redemption remake will be “coming quite soon”. “Maybe in August”, is what he stated while discussing the announcement date for the game. Since Rockstar hasn’t even mentioned an RDR remake till now, an announcement would definitely prove to be a very pleasant surprise for fans.

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