Report: Apple May Change its Marketing Strategy and Release Date for iPhones from 2021

Apple iphone 5G

Apple may shed its rigid schedule of launching its iPhones each fall and stagger them through the year.

From 2021, Apple could unveil a couple of models in the first half of the year and two more models in the second half, possibly in September, as before. This has been reported by Stone Partners, a market research firm, based on the information provided by some of Apple’s component suppliers. This information makes some sense looking at the various factors available in the market.

Apple Discussing with OLED Display Panel Suppliers

It cannot be denied that large companies like Apple work much ahead of the market in terms of the scheduling of component supplies from vendors. Their schedules for 2020 would have been signed and sealed long back and the team at Cupertino must be busy working up the 2021 schedule for its iPhones. To that extent, this researcher’s report cannot be dismissed.

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It is from this perspective that the report claims the OLED display panel makers have been told by Apple to plan the production of the OLED panels for the 5.4-inch and the 6.1-inch displays in the first half of 2021 and for the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays in the second half.

Does this mean the launch in the first half will see the budget phones being included and the second half, the premium ones? You will have to assume it that way. There are, however, enough reasons from the market perspective to believe the logic behind such a move, if it is true.

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Market Dynamics Have Altered

Ever since Apple started launching its iPhones, timing it during fall, which meant catching the shopping season a little ahead, things have changed in the smartphone market. The market has become highly competitive and launching new models with higher and better specifications and features is a year-round activity. Apple cannot remain isolated to this reality.

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In 2020, there is the rumor that the first half will see the iPhone SE 2 being launched. It is a much-awaited event in the smartphone release calendar. There is no harm if the company extends this practice to the subsequent years and has two launch events instead of one. Apple’s biggest rival Samsung does it each year with the Galaxy S series flagships being released in February and the Galaxy Note series in September/October.

The other interesting play in the market in 2020 is undoubtedly going to be 5G. Apple will be coming out with its first 5G iPhone next year. What if the company does not wait till September and were to unveil at least one 5G device in the first half itself? These are interesting thoughts. Await more such developments going ahead.

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