Resident Evil 7 Version 1.01 Update Released with Patch Notes Disclosed

Resident Evil 7 Version 1.01 Update

While Resident Evil 7 is undoubtedly one of the best survival horror games ever, the PlayStation 4 game has a few drawbacks compared to its earlier versions.

One area where the latest version does not match its predecessors is that this game is quite slow when compared to the earlier 4, 5 and 6 versions. This can be quite a bit of a disappointment to those who want some fast paced action. Another feature that a gamer will definitely notice is different in the recent version is that enemies do not pose to be a major threat like in the earlier instances. Instead, players will find themselves getting involved in more of backtracking and problem solving activities. Last but not the least, contrary to its sequels, Resident Evil 7 does not give gamers an opportunity to autosave their progress with the game. They will have to resort to the age old method of using a tape recorder to do this if they want to save their game.

Resident Evil 7 Version 1.01

The upcoming version of Resident Evil 7 that is due to get released shortly on PS4 has already undergone an update. However, there is no need for fans to get worried about this taking up too much space on their favorite gaming console. This is because the update is really quite small and is sized at about 806.2MB. A few patch notes have been released regarding the updates that will be offered. These include support for add-ons and notifications on when new chapters are added, addition of five new trophies to the existing collection and resolving some issues and bugs that were a hindrance playing the game. The new trophies are awarded on completion of various levels and include two bronze trophies, two silver trophies and one gold trophy.

The Dead by Dawn? trophy is a bronze trophy that players get when they gets through the Complete Nightmare level successfully. The other new trophy in this category is called Like Mama Used To Take that players gain access to when the Complete Bedroom level has been dealt with. Once gamers cross the Complete Night Terror and Find all the dead rats in Bedroom in a single play levels, they win the Sleepless in Dulvey and Ratcatcher silver trophies respectively. And the final biggest trophy in the new set is the Ethan Never Dies gold trophy that gamers can lay their hands on by successfully finishing the Complete Ethan Must Die level.

Resident Evil 7 Version 1.01 Update

While the patch notes mentioned about some bugs and issues being addressed, there is no further information for the moment what these could possibly be and so cannot be commented on for now.

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