Sony Adds New Features to Concept Build for Xperia X – Night Light, Launcher and Security Patch

Sony Xperia X Concept

Sony is planning to add new features for its OS with the recent Concept build for Xperia X, which will later be available for the stable versions also.

One of the interesting features is a Night Light, with another being the Home Launcher. The latest Concept build also comes with the security patch for January.

Sony had started the Sony Concept for Android, which is a program for obtaining the beta version builds of Xperia X, Nougat update soon. The program was announced in November 2016 and the update now arrives with several interesting features, apart from the usual stuff.

Sony Xperia X Concept

New Update

All users with the Experimental firmware in their smartphones can download the latest Concept build. Users who have selected the Experimental track while switching to Concept builds will find the new update rolling out to their devices. The latest firmware update for the Sony Xperia X, Nougat Concept devices has a build number of 38.3.A.0.66.

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Android Nougat 7.0

Earlier, Sony had some issues while offering the latest Android 7.0 Nougat updates for its lineup of Xperia smartphones. The company has promised to resolve these issues and the Android 7.0 update is already available on several Xperia smartphones.

New Features

Sony is now planning to add several new features for the new OS on its Xperia devices. The recent Concept build of the Xperia X shows some interesting features that will probably be coming for the stable versions too. These include a Night Light and a Home Launcher for Xperia devices. In addition, it will also offer fingerprint testing in service menu along with the Xperia Transfer, mobile application, with some bug fixes thrown in for the noise cancellation features.

Night Light

The Night Light feature is similar to the functionalities of the Twilight App. Night Light is an interesting mode that will be added soon to the OS. The feature will help in turning the color of the display screen to amber at night. This will enable users to read more easily at nighttime and it will also minimize the users’ exposure to the blue light. Users can access the new Night Light mode from the phone settings. They can also customize the timings exactly or they can just set it from the sunrise to the sunset. Users can also turn it off or on, either manually or even automatically at the sunrise and the sunset.

Among all the new features, the Night Light mode is the one that really stands out and makes this new build something noteworthy.

Xperia X Concept Night Light mode

Home Launcher

The new features also include a new Home launcher. The Concept build also comes with the security patch for January. Some bugs have been fixed as well. The issues related to noise cancelling and fingerprint testing has also been solved.

However, it has to be kept in mind that the new Concept update is only for the owners of Xperia X, who have already signed up for the Concept update in the Experimental tracks.

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