Rockstar Games Reveals GTA Plus Benefits For December

GTA plus

GTA Plus benefits, designed for the month of December, have been activated.

Though Rockstar Games had shared details about some of the benefits, many of these benefits have come as a surprise for the fans.

A large part of the content update pertaining to the December membership is closely linked to the Los Santos Drug Wars update that was rolled out recently. Some of the new additions, however, are not related to the new DLC. The various benefits, that are available at the moment, can be availed from December 13, 2022, to January 18, 2023.

The GTA Plus benefits, which are associated with the Los Santos Drug Wars update have brought in a few changes, including a 50% increase in Acid Production speed. Players are also liable to receive RP and 1.5x cash on the First Dose missions.

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It must be noted here that all these features have already been announced by Rockstar Games in the past. The gaming publisher has now shared a list of the new benefits that subscribers of GTA Plus can get in December.

Just like always, subscribers will receive the $500,000 in their GTA Online bank accounts. They can continue to use Shark Cards+ which will offer them 15% more value on Shark Cards. Some of the freebies players can avail of are the LSIA Hangar A17, The Nutcracker, Free Vehicle Requests, Have You Seen Me? Sweater, Buckingham Alpha-Z1 and Free CEO/VIP Abilities.

Apart from the free content, subscribers also stand a chance to get 1.5x more cash on Payphone Hits and a 50% discount on Armor Upgrades. If you want to gain access to the free Acid Lab stuff, you have to complete as many as six different missions. As soon as you accomplish the sixth mission, you will receive an Acid Lab for free.

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