GTA 6: More Teases For The Upcoming Game Discovered In GTA Online

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There is a lot of excitement for Los Santos Drug Wars DLC which is scheduled to release soon.

While fans are keenly looking forward to the arrival of this DLC, they have also been quite thrilled to stumble upon teases for Grand Theft Auto 6 in GTA Online.

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Nikhil, an ardent GTA fan, pointed out the presence of these teasing elements in the game. As per him, two unreleased liveries, namely The Vice City Mambas 24 livery and The Vice City Metro Mule Art tease the much-anticipated game. Though both these liveries have not been introduced in GTA Online yet, they have been a part of the leaked GTA 6 content that came out several months ago.

As you can see in the aforementioned Twitter post, the fan shared two in-game liveries that was added to GTA Online by Rockstar Games a while back but not released. While The Vice City Metro Mule Art was included in the game in 2018, The Vice City Mambas 24 livery was an integral element of the Los Santos Tuners update that was rolled out in 2021.

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Nikhil further suggested that there is a good possibility of many such teases being a part of the game but not discovered yet. It must be noted here that this is not the first instance of a fan pointing out such things. A large number of fans, who are an active part of the GTA gaming community, are of the opinion that Rockstar Games has been doing a few things to tease the next game in GTA Online for a while.

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A while back, a Redditor called bbb2222b posted some pictures of a new in-game shirt that many believed was a tease for the next game. Fans also stated that an image of a female character moving her finger was a part of the design of the wearable item. There was another intriguing image of a roller coaster that had trees all around it.

Since none of these images were a part of the current game, many fans were sure about the fact they are connected to the upcoming game. When Rockstar launched the Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8 while rolling out the Criminal Enterprises update in the month of August, many fans pointed out that the vehicle’s logo resembled ‘VI’. This led to them jumping to the conclusion that it was yet another tease for the game.

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