Rumor: Foldable Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date Set for Q3-Q4 2017

Samsung Galaxy X

It’s nothing new to talk about a mysterious Samsung Galaxy X handset. Rumors about the phone have been here for months now, but it is just now that we are getting our hands on some real information about the phone.

According to a new report coming from China, Samsung Galaxy X will be launched at some point between Q3 2017 and Q4 2017. While this has not been confirmed, the fact that this information (about the launch date) has come out at this point in time gives us more room to dig even deeper into the same.

While the report says nothing about what the supposed Samsung Galaxy X will look like, previous reports have indicated that the phone will be the first foldable handset to be made by the South Korean tech giant. The phone is expected to feature a 4K display screen that can be folded into two, but so far, only prototypes of the phone have been doing rounds on the web.

Samsung Galaxy X is not the first device to be teased by Samsung with respect to foldable display technology. In fact, the tech giant has been filing patents since 2009, but up to now, no smartphone has made it to the consumer market with a foldable display screen. It seems 2017 is the year we finally get to see this happen.



Back in November 2016, a report from South Korea pointed out that both Samsung and LG will be working on new foldable smartphones this year, but there was no mention of the rumored Samsung Galaxy X. Now that there is the talk of the same phone including the rumored release date, it seems plausible to assume that Samsung is indeed ready to take the smartphone world by storm as it looks to make amends for what went terribly wrong with the Galaxy S8.

A recent patent filing by Samsung also confirmed that there is a foldable smartphone in the making, with the likes of face, palm, and fingerprint authentication being worked on.

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