Rumor: GTA 5 on PS5 Could Face a Two-Month Delay


If rumors are to be believed, Rockstar Games is contemplating delaying the release of Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 by two months.

During the PlayStation Showcase, which was held in September 2021, Rockstar Games shared the first glimpse of the PlayStation 5 upgrade of GTA 5.

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Though it was scheduled to release in November 2021, the gameplay trailer confirmed the fact that there would be a delay. Now, it is being heard that GTA 5 will mark its arrival on new-generation consoles sometime in March this year.

Interestingly, the gameplay trailer has received a mixed response what with many fans finding it underwhelming. While the character swapping bit in the trailer was received well, most players were expecting a visual extravaganza which the trailer didn’t quite prove to be.

If you draw comparisons with the PS4 release, the graphics appear to be much smoother but are on the same level as the PC iteration of the game which came out seven years back. Because of this, one is not sure whether the new-generation port will offer the kind of quality or performance that one expects it to. GTA 5’s enhanced edition, for a while now, will continue to be polished by its developing team.

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As per a report published by GamesRadar, Matheusvictorbr, a Brazilian who happens to be a dataminer, posted a tweet stating that they have heard about the PS5 upgrade for Grand Theft Auto 5 going through certain developmental complications. Despite these issues, Rockstar Games has planned to launch the new-gen ports on March 22.

The dataminer further stated that if these issues remain unresolved, Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive might delay the release by a month or two. They also claimed that there is a good chance of Rockstar Games releasing an article pertaining to the upgrades in the near future.

It is important to remember that none of the aforementioned information has been corroborated by the gaming publisher. At the moment, there is no clarity as to when Rockstar Games will share an update about the Expanded and Enhanced editions of Grand Theft Auto 5. There is a good possibility of the gaming publisher taking things slowly now after the shabby launch that was given to Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition last year.

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