GTA 6: Gamer Predicts Dates For Game’s Trailer, Unveiling, Screenshots and Release Date


On the Reddit community thread of Grand Theft Auto 6, a gamer has put together a chart filled with predictions regarding the dates for the trailer launch, unveiling and release date for the game.

He also predicted the date for the official screenshots to be out. The chart, as represented below, offers a detailed overview of the predictions made by the gamer.

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The gamer, who has created this chart, goes by the user name OK-Crow8060. The chart covers a time period starting from 2022 and ending three years later. According to the gamer, this year one can look forward to the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6 and the first trailer of the game. In 2023, the gamer predicts, one will get to see another trailer. The same year, he states, one can also look forward to the official screenshots of the game being released.

My GTA 6 prediction chart,this is my prediction for what’s gonna happen after March.(GTA E&E) from GTA6

While there are some players who are skeptical about the predictions made by OK-Crow8060, a vast majority is rooting for him. A gamer, with the username AnonymousScout360, confidently asserted that he believes in these predictions. The reason behind many players taking these predictions seriously is because of the reasonable timeline offered by OK-Crow8060.

Just last week, one had heard murmurs about an official announcement for Grand Theft Auto 6 being rolled out in 2022. Tez2, a GTA Forums community member, asserted that “a release is expected a year after”.

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Since a lot of conflicting information has been floating around, one is not really sure as to when GTA 6 will get an official launch. If one looks at the brighter side, OK-Cros8060’s timespan does align with some of the unverified information one has received so far about the game. Having said that, rumors about GTA 6 keep pouring regularly and it’s too early to blindly believe in any piece of information that comes our way.

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