The Sims 4: New Leak Divulges Details About Next Paid Content

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A couple of weeks back, Electronic Arts teased fans about a new game pack by sharing the ‘Simthings to Celebrate’ roadmap.

Apart from the game pack, the gaming publisher also hinted towards the arrival of two new kits and a lot of free content. All these were supposed to be released in early 2022. The company described the upcoming Kits as ‘vibrant’ and the kind that ‘celebrate fierce design’.

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Now, a new leak seems to be giving away a lot of important information about the next paid content to be released by the publishers. If the details that have come to the fore via the new leak are correct, one can look forward to the release of the Carnival Streetwear Kit on February 3. Through the leak, a promotional image has emerged that offers a glimpse of a bunch of Sims being dressed up in vibrant carnival costumes. This image has been shared on Reddit and has been seen by many so far.

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The news of this particular leak was first reported by the portal It was first shared, however, by a Twitter user with the handle @ALumia_Italia. In the past, this Twitter user had shared a lot of leaks related to the Microsoft Store. Last year, in October, the same account had shared a leak about the Blooming Rooms Kit which proved to be correct.

Many a time, this account deletes such posts after a while because of a fear of legal repercussions. At the moment, one doesn’t have more information about what else the gaming publisher is planning to release this year.

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The Game Pack, which revolves around the theme of celebration, is said to feature a party that will celebrate love. This information has led many Simmers to believe that these could be the wedding packs that many players had requested.

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In the roadmap, a tiger graphic also left its mark with its distinctive design. This made a lot of players speculate about the game celebrating next month’s Lunar New Year. In the year 2019, Lunar New Year content was added to the game in the form of a variety of clothing items and decorative pieces.

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