Rumors: Apple iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Top Bezel-less Phones Coming in 2017

OnePlus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

The idea of Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 coming in with a bezel-less display screen might still be a dream for fans of the two flagships, but it is now a reality for Chinese fans of Xiaomi.

The tech giant has already moved ahead of the competition and unveiled what it calls a concept Xiaomi Mi MIX – a near bezel-less phone that only comes with the bottom bezel. With Xiaomi already ahead, it gives Samsung and Apple a better opportunity to learn from the Chinese OEM’s mistakes and improve on its strengths. But will Xiaomi be sitting back and watch? Let’s look at the top bezel-less phones to watch out for this coming 2017.

Xiaomi Mi MIX ‘Mini’

As noted above, Xiaomi has already unveiled the Mi MIX, however, the phone was marketed as a concept model. According to new reports, there is a Xiaomi Mi MIX Mini in the making – a phone that carries the same design language, but has a slightly smaller screen size of 5.5 inches as compared to the 6.4 inches found on the initial release.

Like its counterpart, the Xiaomi Mi MIX Mini will carry high-end specs, among them a QHD resolution, Snapdragon 821 SoC, 6GB RAM and 128GB/256GB of storage. The same cameras should be retained, meaning you get a 16MP snapper on the back and a 5MP sensor for selfies. Reports point towards a 4000mAh battery alongside the latest Android Nougat OS. This phone could be launched before the year ends.

Samsung Galaxy S8

With Samsung looking to come back with a bang after the death of the Galaxy Note 7, it is rumored that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the fastest Android phone thanks to the improved Snapdragon 835. But is this all? No.

Apparently, Samsung is looking to make the shift to bezel-less screens as far as the Galaxy S8 is concerned. Of course, the company already offers this design with its edge-to-edge smartphones, but reports are rife that a true bezel-less screen will be born with the Galaxy S8. There is talk of a 5.7-inch model alongside a 6.2-inch variant of the Galaxy S8, but where this would leave the Galaxy Note 8 is still troubling.

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

The phone should be announced in February 2017, meaning that Samsung should already be working on these designs.

iPhone 8

Apple has kept a similar design language for three iPhone models now starting with the 2014 iPhone 6. Slight changes have been coming up, but it seems the bigger changes are coming in 2017. The iPhone 8, if at all this will be its name, still has 10 months before it is announced. During this period, Cupertino will reportedly be working on a bezel-less design for the phone that is also made of glass.

As a result of this change, the iPhone 8 will have a large screen size while keeping the same physical size. The home button, Touch ID and front camera will have to find a different home some other place, preferably below the display panel. They will be accessible with the help of sensors and other technologies.

Huawei P10

Huawei recently made the switch to edge-to-edge screens with the release of the Mate 9, however, there are reports that the company is working on a “Quad-edge” screen for its upcoming flagships. Whether or not this will show up on the Huawei P10 is unknown at the moment. Nonetheless, it will mean that the phone carries a display panel that has no bezel on all four sides.

Being a 2017 flagship, the Huawei P10 should also come with a QHD resolution, Android 7.1 Nougat, dual-lens cameras and more.

Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Despite everything about the Galaxy Note 7, hopes are still high that the Galaxy Note 8 will be here come August or September 2017. Like Samsung Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8 will also take the same bezel-less design alongside features such as dual-lens camera, iris scanner, larger battery, as well as larger storage capacity, among others.

Given that the mood in the Samsung house is still mixed, we are yet to get the clearest details about the Galaxy Note 8 yet, but it won’t be long.

Do bezel-less phones make you hungry for 2017?

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