Yam, the New Q & A App on the Block Has A Few Famous Names to Make Contributions

Yam app

If you are looking for a way to share all your thoughts and also acquire a response by getting the right stuff, all this while getting paid, then the solution is here.

Yam, which is a brand new video Q&A app, will allow you to do just that. The idea for designing and developing the Yam app came after Michael Cho, the founder of the video Question and Answer (Q & A) app had met with a near-fatal plane accident while he was working in South Korea. After he had retold the incident on Reddit, Cho had come to realize that there are a few stories that are best told over a video rather than expressing it in text words.

Yam app

Yam has already managed to attract quite a few famous names. The biggies include the popular baritone-voiced comedian and artist, Tay Zonday who had acquired mainstream fame after his video Chocolate Rain became viral. The most well-known user of Yam is perhaps Cesar Millan, known for his popular television series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan that was broadcasted in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Contributions at a Price

The contributors who offer a write-off on the app will be rewarded for their time. The subscribers will be allowed to set their own price for their contributions, which undoubtedly makes a lot of sense. This is because, while there will be a few people who would be really happy to give suggestions for just a few cents, there will surely be the big-shot public figures who would probably prefer a few more dollars for their valuable time.

Self-publishing Option

There is also an option for self-publishing. The self-publication option allows the contributors to create videos with replies to the questions even before they have been asked on the app. There are so many questions in the world which are so common, but people could hesitate to ask them on social media. So, contributing answers to such questions on the Yam Q & A app, would really be of help to many users.

Pay to Watch

Here comes the other twist to the Yam app. In order to watch a video with a reply, the users will have to pay a fee of $0.05. According to the founder of Yam, this amount will be split evenly in between the person who has asked the question, and the person who will be answering it. The buyers will be allowed to watch the first half of the video before putting the money in to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Yam Q & A app

The Yam Q & A app can be downloaded from the iOS App Store. It is worth noting that Yam is not the only video Q & A app in the segment. Whale, that was launched last month by Justin Kan, who is also the founder of Justin.tv, Twitch and a bunch of other startups, also works on a similar concept.

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