Samsung Galaxy A10, A30, A50, A70, A90 Monikers Trademarked in Mexico and Europe

This year Samsung had launched a few Galaxy A series of smartphones such as Galaxy A8, A8+, A6 and A6+.

The appearance of the names of the forthcoming Galaxy A phones at the Instituo Meixcano de Propiedad Industrial suggests that the South Korean company has long-term plans for its Galaxy A series of smartphones.

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The Mexican authority has revealed that Samsung has trademarked model numbers such as Samsung Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A90 monikers in Mexico. As it can be seen in the below screenshot, there is no mentioning of Galaxy A9 which suggests that Samsung may skip the moniker and launch A10 as the successor of A8. Samsung has also filed trademarks for the same set of devices in European Union along with an additional trademark for E-FOTA, which stands for Firmware-OTA update for Samsung Knox.

Samsung Galaxy A10

The new monikers have been trademarked as Class 9 product which includes a wide range of mobile communication devices from TVs to smartphone batteries. Since Samsung uses Galaxy branding for its smartphones, it is very likely that the aforementioned names belong to the upcoming Galaxy A smartphones.

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During a recent press conference in China, Samsung CEO Guo Minghao had claimed that the forthcoming Galaxy 10, Note 10 and Galaxy A series of smartphones will be all equipped with in-display fingerprint scanner. The Galaxy S10 series arriving at the start of 2019 will be the first Samsung phones to be equipped with in-display fingerprint reader. There is a possibility that Samsung Galaxy A10 and A10+ phones could be the lower version of Galaxy S10 and S10+ and they may also feature under screen fingerprint sensor.

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