Samsung Galaxy A5 2015 and Galaxy A7 2016 start receiving January Android Security Patch

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

Samsung is really trying hard to ensure that just about all devices are getting the latest monthly Android Security Patches, including those released as far as 2014.

Just recently, the tech giant started pushing out the latest January Android Security Patch for the 2014 flagships that include Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 as well as the curved edge Galaxy Note Edge. However, the updates are specific to regions, with some only having begun receiving the update today.

Now, in another surprise, Samsung has decided to start rolling out the same monthly security update to the Galaxy A5 2015 and Galaxy A7 2016. The two are from two different release windows, with the former having been released in December 2014 while the latter came in a year later, December 2015.

Those using Samsung Galaxy A5 2015 can watch out for an update that carries version number A500F1U1CQA1 while those using the Galaxy A7 2016 will get version number A710LKLU1BQA4. These two updates bring the latest security updates, bug fixes and performance improvements, however, there is nothing new we expect in form of features.

The official rolling out of this update has just begun for these two phones. This means that it might take a few days before it finally hits all units of the two handsets. If you can’t wait for the said few days, you can check if the update is available by going to Settings>About device>Download updates. Remember, this method doesn’t guarantee that you will find the update ready for your device.

Samsung A5 2016

Keeping it with Samsung Galaxy A5 2015, the phone is also confirmed to be part of the company’s Android 7.0 Nougat. In fact, reports coming from Australia claim that the handset’s update to Nougat will begin sometime this month, but the exact date is not yet known. Interestingly, its counterpart in the latest security update, the Galaxy A7 2016, has not been confirmed for the same update. But since the OS is coming out for this phone, we expect to see the same happening for all other Galaxy A series phones released after it, including this year’s models.

As for the latest update with respect to the Galaxy A5 2015, it has nothing to do with Android 7.0 Nougat – it’s just a simple monthly Android Security Patch.

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