Samsung to Release a Foldable Tablet, Patent Applications Reveal

Samsung Galaxy S8 Foldable Screen

According to news surfacing from South Korea, it appears that Samsung Galaxy X will not be the only foldable device that the company will be releasing with a foldable display.

Apparently, the tech giant has filed for patents and from the look of the sketches accompanying the application, it appears that the company has plans to unveil a foldable tablet in the coming months. We’ve only heard of the Galaxy X foldable smartphone, but it is actually the first time details of the similarly-designed tablet are coming in.

Even though the sketches are just, well, sketches, we can still notice a few things about this foldable Samsung tablet. For starters, it seems that this device will be fold-in, meaning that the display remains on the inside once it has been folded. There are hinges that will allow the tablet to possibly fold at different angles depending on the needs of the user and without hurting it in any way.

Since the display remains on the inside when this foldable tablet is actually folded and tucked away, it seems that using it will only happen after unfolding it. If your memory serves you well, you may remember 2011’s Sony Tablet P that had just about the same mechanism, but it is obvious that back then, this technology was still new. In addition, Sony’s device had split the display into two, something that won’t be the case with the upcoming foldable tablet from Samsung thanks to the advancements in the display technology.

Samsung Foldable Display

Samsung has proved in the past before that it can come up with displays that can fold. However, this rumored tablet, like the Galaxy X, will have flexible displays and nothing similar to the folded panels on the Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7. Still, this doesn’t mean that the patented tablet will be a real thing. It is not the first time Samsung has filed for patents and ended up not doing a thing about it. In fact, the company has been filing patents for foldable displays for over five years now, yet none of them has materialized so far.

So, could this be the year that foldable displays finally make a breakthrough in the mobile industry? Remember to share your thoughts via the comments section below.

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