Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will be Unusable Starting December 15

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issues

Ever since Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled and discontinued, the company has been urging those who still have the explosive phone to take it back to their original vendors.

While a huge number of people have already returned their Galaxy Note 7 handsets and received monetary refunds while others exchanged for another device, there are others out there who are still happily using the Note 7. The South Korean tech giant has issued several pleas to these persons to return the phones due to the threat they pose to their lives, but it seems this “begging” is no more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

After throttling the battery power of the phone to a limited 60%, the company is now taking much tougher measures. Apparently, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users will no longer be able to use the phone as a cellular device. Samsung is having talks with major carriers in different countries around the world and the result is that these carriers will somehow switch off the cellular connectivity of the phone.

It has happened in New Zealand and just recently, Samsung confirmed that those using the Galaxy Note 7 in Australia will be facing the same. The latest move has seen Samsung head to Canada, with reports that the new standard will be implemented starting December 15. Previous reports had suggested that users of this handset could still use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services even after cellular connectivity is deactivated. However, the latest report can confirm that none of these wireless services will be accessible from December 12 henceforth.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users in Canada will have more issues to deal with after December 15. Apparently, the tech giant will also be limiting the battery of the phone with respect to how long it can stay powered on. Whether this will be the same 60% that has appeared in other regions is not known, but it should be around the same place.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issues

According to Samsung, at least 90% of all Galaxy Note 7 units sold in Canada have been returned. As a result, this should mean the affected persons are only a small figure. But now that this seems to be the extreme way of making people return their Note 7 handsets, it is possible that Samsung could spread it to other regions in the near future.

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