Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is getting an unusual feature in Europe

A new report has just emerged with claims that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be ready for purchase the day after it is launched.

This is nothing but good news for fans out there, but this will definitely not mean all markets across the globe will be able to get the phone on the alleged day. Up to now, we already know quite a huge chunk of what to expect when the Galaxy Note 8 breaks cover, however, with the phone yet to be released, more details are flooding in.

The latest comes from Samsung itself, where the South Korean tech giant has listed the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on the official website for Austria. The phone carries model number SM-N950F/DS. If you are a fan of Samsung, you should have an idea of what this specific model number represents.

If you don’t well, well the “DS” at the end of the number stands for Dual SIM. In short, this listing confirms that Austria – and probably a bunch of other European countries – will get a Dual SIM variant of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This is not common in Europe and North America, where carriers have taken control of the market by limiting companies to selling single-SIM models in these markets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In other markets such as South America, Asia and Africa, Samsung has always sold Dual SIM variants of its phones. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are available in Dual SIM variants in these markets, which will also be the case for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But as for folks in Europe, this will mean you don’t get stuck to using the same network or be forced to manually switch SIM cards when the need arises.

With Samsung rumored to value the Galaxy Note 8 at about $1000, don’t expect the Dual SIM variant to come on the cheap either.


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