Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S20+ 5G and Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0) Receive Verizon Software Updates

Galaxy S20 ultra 5G

Samsung and Verizon are ahead of the game in rolling out updates to its flagship phones including Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and S20+ 5G.

The Android security update patch for March 2020 has been sent to devices even before the month of March. The devices included for the software update are Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G. The rest of the models in the same series may also be receiving the update soon. These devices were launched only a few weeks ago and many buyers are yet to receive the phones in their hands. This bunch here also includes the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0) which gets its February 2020 security update.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

This top-end smartphone is this year’s Galaxy S series flagship comes only as a 5G version. The Verizon system update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the first-ever update. There is a note which says there is an improvement in the performance of the phone included in this update besides the March Android security update patch. This update had already figured in South Korea and was widely reported there. According to these, the camera section receives an update and the automatic flash issue stands fixed. The fact is that, with the phone in the hands of very few users, it is difficult to understand the precise details of these two improvements.

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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G has also received an identical system update as the Galaxy S20 Ultra with the camera improvements and Auto-Flash issue fixed. The March 2020 Android security update patch is included here as well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0)

This is system update No.8 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0) from Verizon. The carrier’s relevant page on its site indicates there are performance improvements included in this update. The latest Android security update level for this tablet is February 2020.

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