Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Rumors – No Dual-Lens Camera and Speakers

Samsung Galaxy S8

With the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ drawing closer each passing day, more rumors and leaks keep showing up.

Just yesterday, it emerged that the larger variant of the two phones will be called Samsung Galaxy S8+. It has also emerged that there will be a Samsung Galaxy S8+ Duos released in at least three markets namely India, Kazakhstan, and Singapore. The South Korean tech giant has already listed the phone on the support pages of each region’s dedicated website with model number SM-G955FD. Whether the Galaxy S8 Duos will also be unveiled in these markets is not yet confirmed, but at least we know the larger variant will have a dual-SIM variant.

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We’ve also seen quite a number of leaks regarding the design, specs, and features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Things like screen size and the resolution have been confirmed, we know the hardware specs to expect under the hood of the two phones, but specs of their cameras have remained elusive. There have been talks of Samsung going the Apple way in shipping the standard S8 with a single-lens camera and the larger S8+ with a dual-lens camera.

Well, according to fresh rumors, it appears that neither Samsung Galaxy S8 nor Galaxy S8+ will ship with a dual-lens camera on the back. When Apple iPhone 7 introduced some kind of dual speakers on the phone where the earpiece doubles as the second speaker, rumors started emerging that Samsung will also take the same direction with the Galaxy S8. Like the dual-lens camera, the latest reports are opposed to the idea of the dual speaker setup, meaning the phone will still ship with a single speaker that should be placed on the lower end of the phone, facing down.

Another recent development also revealed a few other inconsistencies in the rumors about Samsung Galaxy S8. Apparently, smartphone accessory seller Ghostek listed an ATOMIC waterproof case for the Galaxy S8 and with it came a few surprises. There was no room for the rear-facing fingerprint scanner and no fourth button on the side that rumors have claimed will be dedicated to Bixby AI digital assistant.

But since none of these reports are coming from Samsung itself – apart from the newly listed support page for Samsung Galaxy S8+ Duos – it is recommended that you remain skeptic about them. Nonetheless, we should be able to know the real truth in a few weeks’ time as Samsung will be launching the S8 twins on March 29. Stay tuned!

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