Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest Rumors – AI Assistant Bixby –Launch at MWC 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has registered for the brand name Bixby, presumably for its AI assistant for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

Patent Agreement

Samsung has entered into patent agreements with Google and this could be a problem for the company in launching the AI assistant for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. The AI is similar to Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. Samsung had announced last year that it would incorporate the AI assistant for its devices after acquiring Viv Labs.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Integrated AI Platform

Samsung is planning on integrating the artificial platform into its flagship devices, offering voice-assisted services for home appliances as well as wearable devices. Samsung has not offered details regarding the services offered by the upcoming AI assistant. However, it is rumored that the assistant will allow the owners to use third party services seamlessly.

Sharing Services

The agreement between Google and Samsung in 2014 allowed the two companies to share services for ten years. The agreement also included the non compete clause allowing Google to stop Samsung from possessing its own AI assistant.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Assistant

According to a Recode report, Injong Rhee, the big boss of Samsung, claims that the company does not have the broad view of an artificial intelligence assistant, in the way Apple or Google has. The focus of Samsung is more on a device and the interaction of the customer with it. The AI of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be different from other AI assistants, as it is more open to industrial partners. Viv will offer an open artificial intelligence platform, rather like Wikipedia and not an exclusive assistant.

Registering for Bixby

Samsung has recently registered the brand name Bixby in South Korea, seeking exclusive ownership for this word. Though there is no official statement, tech geeks think that this is the name for the AI assistant in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

Value of AI Assistant

AI Assistants are very popular and valuable, as they enable a hands free usage with voice recognition abilities. It is expected that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S8 in the early part of 2017 in New York, right after the Mobile World Congress trade show.

Samsung Not Left Out

Samsung does not want to be the only one left out of the AI assistant crowd. All the other major companies like Google and Microsoft and Apple have a digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence. Google comes with Google Assistant, Microsoft with Cortana and Apple with Siri. Samsung is looking to debut the upcoming flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S8, with its own digital assistant. This will offer a global comeback for the company, especially after the debacle caused by the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.


Desperately Needing a Hit

Samsung has stayed out of the AI race, but it will not be long before it enters the fray. Samsung needs the Galaxy S8 to become a hit device, considering the blow given by the infamous Galaxy Note 7. The new AI assistant feature could increase the interest in the device and offer more functionality, helping Samsung in rebuilding the confidence of its customers after the flop of the Galaxy Note 5.

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