Tesla Details What to Expect from AutoPilot 2.0 and Rolls Out New Features

Tesla AutoPilot 2.0 New Features

The Autopilot 2.0 is coming next week and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk confirmed that they are going to introduce a lot of new features to Autopilot 1.0 to make driving easy on supported cars.

When cars are expected to drive on their own, they need tons of real world data to assess the environment and move accordingly. Elon Musk noted the fact and said that their autopilot version is working well as intended. The neural net technology is slowly expanding its reach by gathering data and when Tesla servers manage to get enough of them, they will be able to deliver a more streamlined experience. However, the company may take its own sweet time in order to get the data.

Tesla AutoPilot

Musk did confirm that they are ready to roll out Autopilot 2.0 before the end of next week, which is the last week of December 2016. Most experts opined that the electric car brand may not roll out their next self-driving system at least till the first quarter of 2017. The announcement comes as a pleasant surprise and if it could deliver on its promise, it would be the best update to look forward to. The CEO further added that they are planning to rollout v8.1 update for Tesla P100D Ludicrous mode even though it is not confirmed announcement. The team may choose to postpone the update if it isn’t ready in time.

Self-driving technology may come with a lot of bugs and in order to avoid them, Tesla will disable a couple of updates and restrict them so that Autopilot 2.0 works as intended. Some of the features that will not be part of the update are collision warning, automatic emergency braking and active cruise control. Many of these features were actually available in the Autopilot 1.0 edition but will be disabled in the new one until the company gathers enough real life data to make them work as intended.

Tesla AutoPilot 2.0 New Features

The engineering team also has to work on bring new generation features like Enhanced Autopilot with Smart Summon, Autosteer+ that plays an important role in enhancing the driving experience. Fully autonomous, electric cars are what Tesla aims to deliver and Musk has been investing a lot to make it a possibility. They will achieve their goal at least in the next five years as major automobile manufacturers are already interested in self-driving capabilities and have formed partnerships to share real time data.

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