Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro – Price and Specs – Launching Today

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, will release its new Mi Notebook Pro today.

Aping Apple

When the company launched the first notebook in July this year, it had selected the name Mi Notebook Air, probably following Apple’s lead. However, fresh leaks suggest that the new notebook by Xiaomi will be called as Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro. Again Xiaomi seems to be copying the MacBook Pro notebook from Apple this year.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro

4G Support

The Mi Notebook Pro will not come with the TouchBar, but offers support for 4G. The teaser images of the device shows the logo of the company placed next to China Mobile logo, which means that the notebook will be offered exclusively by this network service provider.

Launch Today

Xiaomi had launched the Mi Notebook Air in July, with the laptop being compared with the MacBook Air of Apple, on account of the name and its design. However, the latest rumors are that Xiaomi will not be unveiling a new version of the Mi Notebook Air, but rather launch the brand new Mi Notebook Pro.

In the early part of this week, Xiaomi had sent invites for the new laptop. The new leak suggests that the new Xiaomi Mi Notebook will come with the Pro title and be priced at about CNY 6000, according to reports from Xiaomi Today. This is a super thin notebook having 4G LTE connectivity.

Expected Specs

According to the leaks, the new Mi Notebook Pro will come with specs that are worthy of its heavy price. It is rumored that the laptop will have 4K resolution for display and be powered by the Intel i7 6700HQ processor. This will be combined with a graphics card, Nvidia GeForce GTX, 960M, a DDR4 RAM of 16 GB, with internal storage of 512 GB.


The design of the Mi Notebook Pro is to be the same as its earlier Notebook Air, being both lightweight and very slim. The teasers show that the notebook will have a card slot for SIM, which was not present in the previous Mi Notebook Air. Battery details are not yet available. The highlight of the upcoming device is that it will offer support for 4G, so that users can get access to the Internet while travelling.

Price Rumors

The Mi Notebook Air was launched in July 2016 in two sizes, 12.5 inches as well as 13.3 inches. Xiaomi had priced the smaller display version at 3499 CNY and the bigger variant at 4999 CNY. It is expected that Xiaomi will launch two versions of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro as well.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

For the present, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro will be exclusive to China Mobile, so it will be limited to this network provider. However, it is not clear whether Xiaomi will later on offer support to other network providers also. The previous iteration, the Mi Notebook Air, is still available only in China. However, there are chances that the upcoming Mi Notebook Pro will get an international release. The laptop is affordable and rich in features.

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