Samsung Galaxy S8 review by a Google Nexus 6P user – the good and the bad

samsung s8

The Google Nexus 6P has really stood the test of time following its 2015 release. The phone continues to impress many with its great performance, a top-notch camera and timely updates, but this won’t last forever.

In a bid to establish which device to move to, I have been enjoying the new Samsung Galaxy S8 for a few days now, trying to get to know the phone before making the decision to switch or stick to the proven Google Nexus 6P.

From the week or so of using the Galaxy S8, there are quite a number of things I have come across – things that are definitely part of the good and the bad of the Samsung flagship phone, especially when compared closely to the Google Nexus 6P.

The good

To kick off this short analysis, I’ll dive directly into the good side of Samsung Galaxy S8. For starters, you’ll definitely love the display screen. In fact, there’s currently no better screen than that curved Super AMOLED panel with 5.8 inches of real estate you find on the S8. The color reproduction and clarity are way better than the 6P. In addition, you’ll notice that the whites on the S8 are much more vivid than what the 6P has to offer.

The display screen comes with an Always On feature where, unlike the Google Nexus 6P, the time, date and battery level info never switches off. According to Samsung, this feature has no effect on the amount of battery power used or rather, its impact is insignificant. Better still, you can disable the feature from the Settings.

Being a 2017 flagship, the Galaxy S8 is without a doubt snappier than the Google Nexus 6P. The Snapdragon 835 paired with 4GB RAM makes the phone breeze through any task you throw its way. The South Korean tech giant has also done a great job when it comes to the software side of things – and note that this is a statement from a person who has religiously followed stock Android.

The design of the quick settings, installation and progress animations, as well as the settings menu, is pretty good, but you might not enjoy the clutter and bloatware when compared to the stock settings menu.

Battery life on Samsung Galaxy S8 is way better than what you get on the Google Nexus 6P despite the latter having a bigger 3450mAh unit compared to the former’s 3000mAh unit. The S8 delivers about 8 hours of screen on time while the 6P only manages a little over 5 hours of screen on time. With great usage, both phones will go through the day on a single charge, but the S8 will still be ahead at the end of the day with about 30% of the battery juice still available.

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In terms of photography, let’s just say you’ll love the camera qualities of both phones.

The bad

Despite all the goodies or rather beauty of this display screen, the fact that it’s curved might be a little disturbing for some. When enjoying the big screen, you’ll notice that some text and images appear to curve around at the edges, which some people might love and others, including me, won’t be fans at all.

As much as I don’t mind the Always On Display feature, the fact that it never switches off will eventually have an overall impact on the battery life.

A lot has been said regarding the placement of the fingerprint scanner on Samsung Galaxy S8, but to be honest, it’s about getting used to it. The placement is simply wrong, especially when compared to the Google Nexus 6P but with continued use, you’ll for sure get used to it. Due to its location on the back left, you’ll have to stretch your finger over the main camera lens in order to reach out to the sensor. What this does is leave fingerprints on the camera lens, meaning you may have to constantly wipe it before taking photos.

Speaking of fingerprints, you won’t like this phone’s back panel when it comes to smudges. It’s a magnet thanks to the glass material used, but given that this material also makes the phone very slippery, you might want to get a case. With a case on, you might probably never notice what a fingerprint magnet the back of the Galaxy S8 really is.

Samsung swapped the task switcher and back buttons in the action bar at the bottom, which is not strange from customized skins. But the good side of the story is that you can adjust these settings to stock Android, which should make anyone switching from the Google Nexus 6P feel at home. There’s no denying that the sound experience on Samsung Galaxy S8 is great. The quality of sound during calls is excellent, but the Google Nexus 6P still carries the day when it comes to stereo speakers.

Nexus 6P

Overall, I’d say the Google Nexus 6P is a top-class phone that is not easy to replace, especially if the price aspect comes into play. However, if you can afford the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and have been considering making the switch from your beloved 6P, the truth is that you won’t have a lot to regret. The S8 is a pretty much impressive phone.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 review by a Google Nexus 6P user – the good and the bad”

  1. June 1st I bought an S8 Galaxy through Verizon. I have now spent hours and hours with Verizon’s tech support folks, but nothing is ever resolved. The phone continues to run various programs in the background. The phone opens multiple apps that I’ve never even seen. The replacement phone (refurbished) that they sent me is worse than the original (new) phone I started with. Owning a Samsung S8 Galaxy is like having a 2nd job! They are sending me another replacement phone (again refurbished) under Samsung’s great 1-year warranty. Looking forward to spending hours trying to get their 3rd phone to work! This is, BY FAR the worst mobile device I’ve ever owned.

    1. Samsung phones always come preinstalled with several apps and services that are almost completely useless. For example, the s5 comes with a baby crying detector that is completely useless. If these things bother you, then I recommend a pixel, nexus, or iPhone. But opening random apps/programs is an issue. You can disable most apps through the settings app.

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