Electronic Arts Promises More Nintendo Switch Games are Coming Soon

fifa 18 nintendo switch

Electronic Arts is one of the biggest game publishers in the world and have an amazing collection of games on Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms.

It is mandatory that they lend their continued support to the Nintendo Switch console.

While brand Nintendo has all the support that it could get from those first party titles and the long running characters like Link or Mario, they do need third party support at this point. The Wii U console was good enough but it never had any new game releases except for the occasional launches by Nintendo itself. The console never took off and it shouldn’t happen for the Switch, we hope so.

electronic arts FiFa18

EA is going to bring FIFA 18, an impressive and literally kickass title to the Nintendo Switch console. It is a welcome addition and will bring it on par with the PS Vita, Sony’s long forgotten handheld console. Speaking about the launch and their future plans, Worldwide Studios VP Patrick Soderlund said that there is no possibility to comment so early on the number of games they bring to the platform.

“The console just got released and obviously we found it possible to bring FIFA 18 to the platform. It is an easy decision because sports titles fare well, especially on a hybrid console that players can carry and enjoy on the go. At the same time, we can’t confirm if we will bring more games or even build something entirely new to match the hybrid nature of the Nintendo console,” said Soderlund.

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Speaking to one of the largest gaming magazine, Soderlund has earlier commented that he is a huge fan of the company and the Switch console accompanies him wherever he goes because he loves the novelty in it. “We, EA are always open to bring games and support any console where there are players. By supporting Switch, we want to boost their player base which is why FIFA is here first. The full experience on a very portable device,” he added.

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The idea is to build things for the platform, see how it grows and support more games in the future. As a team, we have to see how it fares before making any more decisions. We look forward to building our portfolio on the Nintendo Switch console, the VP added showing a promising future ahead for the hybrid console owners and those who are planning to buy when it has enough third party titles.

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