Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Updates : Reddish Tint Complaints and Bixby Remapping being Removed

Samsung Galaxy S8 Updates

Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus flagship phones have been in the news every day because people are excited about how good it is but also annoyed by the price tag when it creates unwanted issues.

When any person pays over $800 or more to own a smartphone, they obviously expect it to work amazingly well out of the box. Be it software issues or hardware problems, users don’t want to put up with such annoying things. The new device has started shipping to various regions and within hours, we already have the first set of complaints pouring in.

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Updates

Supposed to be a pure white display, the Samsung Galaxy S8 phones have a reddish tint on the screen. It is not because it has the best resolution or OLED screens but rather a manufacturing defect is what most users believe. However, in their statement, Samsung replied, “The reddish tint that people has been complaining doesn’t have anything to do with quality problems. They can easily fix it by making adjustments in the phone itself but if you continue to face the same problem, just get the phone exchanged at the official service center.”

Right now, there isn’t enough data to find how prevalent the red tint on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is. It could probably be a very small issue found among specific lot of phones sent to select regions. Samsung is expected to look into the problem and come up with solution but it shouldn’t hurt many if the reddish tint is not a large scale problem.

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In a software update, the company which is not okay with people remapping the Bixby button for other purposes are restricting the function. Third party apps like All in one Gestures allowed users to use the additional button to bring up Google Now or even open the camera. They had complete control over the same and could remap it to their own convenience. The newest update will ensure that Samsung will not officially allow this remapping idea and will block it. As always, there will be plenty of other ways to do it using third party apps.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Updates

When you choose to make use of apps and tools provided by new developers, you may not be able to request Samsung to fix your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus phones in case something goes wrong with the software. The only way is to reset the device to factory settings and keep using it without the remapping functionality.