Samsung Galaxy Tab S Marshmallow Update Starts Rolling Out

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Numerous reports have suggested that the original Samsung Galaxy Tab S won’t be receiving Android Marshmallow, but it appears this is wrong.

Folks are Verizon can now enjoy the latest Android Marshmallow OS on their original Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet. This update, like many others, comes via an OTA update and as such, owners of the tablet will have to wait for an OTA notification to come their way. The update comes with software version MMB29M.T807VVRU1CPG6 and due to its nature of rolling out, it will possibly not be available for all units at the same time.

Android Marshmallow has been around for close to a year now. The OS has already seen its successor come to life – the new Android Nougat – but this doesn’t mean it lacks its own goodies. In fact, a lot of what you see on the new OS begun with Android Marshmallow. You will enjoy things like an enhanced Google Now on Tap, Doze mode, better control over apps permissions, among others.

Verizon has also added its own string of updates to the Galaxy Tab S. Apparently, the wireless carrier has decided to remove some usually preinstalled apps from the tablet. These include the VZ Navigator, Amazon Appstore, Amazon Music, WebEx as well as e-Meeting (stub). This reduces the bloatware on the tablet by far, something that should be a welcome move for owners of this device. If these apps were still important to you, the Google Play Store is always there for you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Verizon recommends that you connect to a Wi-Fi network before you begin downloading Android Marshmallow on the Galaxy Tab S. Of course, this is because of the file size involved. Otherwise, you can still make use of your cellular data, as long as the network connection is strong enough. You also need to make sure that the battery capacity is at least 50% or connect the phone to a power source. For those who can’t wait for the OTA notification, there is always room to check for the update manually via the tablet’s Settings.

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