Samsung Galaxy X could come with a Fold-out (and not Fold-in) Design

Samsung Galaxy X

We’ve been talking Samsung Galaxy X for quite some time now but things are getting more tangible as the clock ticks.

Last year, we reported about a Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone that is being lined up for launch in 2017. Well, the year is here and as expected, more details about this phone are now showing up. Just recently, fresh reports came in claiming that the Galaxy X flagship will be unveiled somewhere between Q3 and Q4 2017.

Patently Mobile also came in with new patent information about foldable display technology with respect to this rumored Samsung Galaxy X. Back then, it was revealed that the South Korean tech giant is working on a screen technology known as variable curvature display. What this means in layman’s language is that the foldable screen will be able to assume different angles when folded, depending on the taste of the user.

Now, in another developing story, it appears that Samsung Galaxy X will debut with a fold-out display screen. This means that the display panel will remain on the outer part of the fold. While some had touted that Samsung will go the fold-in route, it appears that the company will join Lenovo in the fold-out realm, another of the five companies that have been confirmed to be working on foldable display smartphones. Others are Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Samsung Galaxy X

There is nothing to get excited about here, though, especially since this could easily be another of the many patents that Samsung usually acquires in a year. However, given what rumors are saying regarding the release of the phone in Q3-Q4 2017, it is possible that this time around we’ll get to see a foldable smartphone.

So far there is little to say about the specs of this rumored Samsung Galaxy X phone, but the company should pack some of the best hardware in the phone to go along with the looks.

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