Samsung Hints another Smartphone with 108MP Camera through Camera App

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung is known for manufacturing and supplying the 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX mobile sensor, which is the first-ever mobile phone camera sensor in the industry that has over 100 million pixels.

They are planning to use the 108MP sensor in the Galaxy S11, and Xiaomi is using Samsung’s 108MP camera in their Mi Note 10 and are planning to use the sensor supplied by Samsung in their upcoming Mi Mix Alpha concept smartphone.

Hints of Another Smartphone using 108MP Sensor Found in Samsung Camera App

The Samsung app in the One UI 2.0 beta was subjected to a teardown where XDA Developers found some interesting lines in the Byte Code. The app was released recently for the Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 beta update.

While going through the code, it was found that the app was now updated to support images of 108MP resolution of 12000×9000 pixels and an aspect ratio of 4:3. If we do the math, it comes around to 108 million pixels which crosses the previously unreached 100 million pixels mark in smartphone photography.

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There were previous reports that confirmed the existence of a 108MP camera in the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S11, however, the code wasn’t actually restricted to a specific model like the S11. This means that Samsung could be working on other smartphones with a 108MP sensor. All that can be said right now is that Samsung is going to use the 108MP sensor in at least one of its smartphones in 2020. It just may be the Galaxy S11 or they might include other smartphones as well.

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Superior Low Light Performance

108MP images in a smartphone are not quite practical in today’s day and age where almost all the social media platforms use compression algorithms to compress the images before hosting them on their servers. The 108MP technology could, however, be used to improve low light performance by using the pixel binning technology where multiple pixels in a sensor are combined to form an even larger pixel which can give better low light performance.

The resulting image will not be a full 108MP image with 108 million pixels, however, it will have superior detail and composure even in low light conditions. This technology is currently being used by Xiaomi in their Mi Mix Alpha and Mi Note 10 devices using the 108MP ISOCELL camera sensor developed by Samsung.

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