Samsung Tested Galaxy Note 7 Batteries In-House, Other OEMs Use Independent Labs

Galaxy Note 7

As the company and many other third-party players invest their time and money into finding out what really happened to Samsung Galaxy Note 7, more discoveries are emerging up.

According to the wireless industry trade group known as CTIA, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries were tested by the company’s lab, making it the only OEM to do so. Actually, other smartphone manufacturers use independent labs to carry out these battery tests.

This might raise an eyebrow as to why the Galaxy Note 7 batteries have been exploding and causing havoc all over the world. In fact, the result of the phone’s explosions is that it cannot be carried to a plane. The U.S. has also banned the Note 7 from leaving or entering the country whatsoever. However, Samsung’s lab is also CTIA certified, which makes it OK for the company to do what it did. Nonetheless, questions have been coming in with respect to the potential for conflict of interests, for example, when a company is testing and signing off the safety of in-house products.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions were, reportedly, as a result of an overheating battery, but this was probably true for charging phones or when it is in heavy use. Apparently, CTIA tests are usually undertaken under these conditions – when the battery is charging and when inside a device that is being used.

Samsung Note 7 Issues

The South Korean tech giant’s head has promised to do everything possible in finding the root of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. The company will be losing millions of customers that would have bought the phone, something that could also hurt its annual revenue.

But still, this has not stopped the tech giant from beginning works on the 2017 Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. There is also talk of a Galaxy S8 Edge+ that could directly replace the Galaxy Note 7, featuring the same design language as well as the Note-centric S Pen. However, don’t get your hopes so high as this is just a rumor.

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