Sandbox Title Everything Available for Gameplay on PS4

Sandbox on PS4

Sandbox title Everything is now available for gameplay on PlayStation 4.

Developed by David OReilly, an Irish film maker, the game allows players to take control of just about everything such as simple cell organisms with just one cell to the more complicated assignment of having the whole universe under their control. In other words, gamers have the freedom to just do about anything that they wish to do.


However, it must be noted that what the Everything game completely lacks here is the concept of simulation. Also, the ecosystem is far from being realistic. As a result, players may at times find animals rolling about like boxes instead of moving on their limbs. Another thing that they will observe to be different is how the ecosystem is reproduced. Since accuracy has not been given importance in the game, gamers will encounter many weird scenes like cows wandering in deserts. But, the world shown is procedurally generated to make it really hard to believe to give them a new perspective or playing experience. So, in the course of the game, they can be prepared to come face to face with a slew of objects, creatures and maybe even gaming techniques that they have not come across before.

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A key highlight of Everything is that there are no limits imposed on the players at any point of time. Apart from transforming the objects in their control whenever they want, gamers could also change themselves into any object of their choice that was in their control. They could also enhance or decrease the size of objects to any desired proportion. Additionally, any object can be made to perform any task at any point of time in the game. These are just a few examples of the limitless opportunities that are presented to the players and there are many more worth exploring to give players some really exciting moments. It is totally up to the gamers to decide what course of action they have to take and/or which areas they want to explore.

Sandbox on PS4

On the flip side, one thing that tends to put gamers off trying their hands at Everything is that there is no proper tutorial to guide them on how to take various approaches. The only help that is available is the little guidance and few tutorials available before the game begins to keep them informed about the basics.

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