SEAT Plans to Bring Six New Models to Stores by 2020

SEAT Models by 2020

SEAT has some ambitious plans up their sleeve as the company confirmed that they will launch six different models before 2020.

The proposition is the biggest ever expansion for the brand which aims to reach the top tier platform where other luxury automobile manufacturers are competing with one another.

The announcement has gained so much importance because at least three cars from SEAT which are set to hit stores by 2020 will enter a new segment. The brand didn’t compete in those particular segments in the past but will do so in the next three years. While their plans are huge, it will be kickstarted by the first of the lot – a large SUV which is expected to go on sale in 2018 and will directly compete with the hugely successful Skoda Kodiaq. Pre-production for the model is already done and it is all set for launch except for the name which SEAT wants the public to pick through a voting system.

SEAT Models to Stores by 2020

Another model will be a bespoke electric vehicle, something that SEAT didn’t focus much in the past but will do so from now onwards. The upcoming EV is designed on the Volkswagen MEB platform making it future proof and will also allow the manufacturer to add a newer design or increase the electric powertrain capacity when required. Another highlight of the proposed EV is that it will have the best mile range pegged at 310 miles on a full charge, making it on par with Tesla, Volkswagen, Nissan cars.

The electric car will be launched in 2019 which is still a good two years away but when it does, it will compete with Tesla Model 3 priced at $35,000. SEAT wants to be ready for competition when the time comes and the lineup of six different models in various segments will put them at the forefront unlike never before. A replacement model for the existing Leon hatchback, an Ateca Cupra next generation variant including an electric car will be launched in the next two years.

SEAT Models by 2020

“We are taking a big step into the most competitive of the segments not only in terms of performance but also with improved performance and new powertrain choices. We are aiming at a bigger step for our Spanish brand which should usher it to the next level. It has always been our dream and we are glad to be closer to it now,” commented Alejandro Mesonero, SEAT’s design head.

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