Twitter Automatically Switches to Night Mode on Android to Safeguard Your Eyes


People trying to fall asleep while scrolling through their bright smartphone screens is a common occurrence.

Many apps including Twitter wants to safeguard your eyes and not strain them too much, especially when staring into the dark at night.

The Android version of Twitter had a Night mode for over a year now. Just like most features on apps, users were oblivious to the night mode and hardly used it. It was supposed to be manually activated so that the app would change from the bright white background to a dark theme reducing the strain caused on your eyes. But, you have to go to the settings page to activate it. In the recent version of the Twitter app, 7.2 to which if you have upgraded already the screen will automatically switch to night mode. The dark theme will be applied when it turns night and it will switch back to the usual white screen background in day time.

Twitter Night Mode on Android

In order to get this simple yet useful feature, you should download Twitter 7.2 from the Google Play Store. The app’s ability to automatically change into a dark theme is available only on the Android version of the app for now. The developers released the feature almost a year ago and it could have been pretty useful if they promoted it the right way. But, due to lack of announcement, it probably didn’t reach the public as it should have.

While users do have the option to head to settings and switch of the automatic transition to a different theme as soon as it becomes dark, it is advisable to not do so. After all, considering the brightness level found in most smartphone displays these days, it wouldn’t hurt to keep it in dark theme throughout the evening. Besides, the Twitter Android app will automatically switch to a light theme the next day so that you could use it even in broad daylight without any difficulty.


In the past few days, the developers of Twitter got busy rolling out multiple features including brand new typography, icons and color schemes to make the app look as minimalistic as possible. Most of the features are common both on the iOS and the Android platform. However, some of them found their way earlier to one particular operating system before it was rolled out to another.  The automatic night mode is  one such feature that made its way to Android version of Twitter 7.2 earlier and will soon be available for iOS users as well.

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