SEAT Plans to Make Cupra a High Performance Brand to Meet Competition

Seat Cupra

In an attempt to expand their brand and compete with the top players, SEAT has planned to introduce Cupra once again as the high performance sub-division of the popular brand.

While the name is going to be the same, the company has confirmed that they are going with an all-new logo decision. The logo looks very aggressive and sleek, standing proof to the route the automobile manufacturer plans to take with all their future cars. The team is now headed by Matthias Rabe which will put the SEAT Sport team to good use to churn out high performance models.

Seat Cupra logo

Till now, SEAT has managed to make Cupra look different from the parent company through subtle changes such as the logo, unique changes made to the interior, the car’s overall appearance but on the whole, it was more of the same. The company now plans to drastically change the sub-brand. A three-dimensional logo has now been launched.

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According to the spokesperson who discussed about the changes being made, SEAT is undergoing a phase to change their corporate identity. “We have registered many different parents, logos and designs at the moment. Each one of them will be revealed in a uniform fashion at different points of time, further escalating the brand’s name in the automobile market,” said the spokesperson.

While the brand has many immediate goals to achieve, one of them is to expand and develop the business beyond the traditional motorsport activities SEAT has been doing so far. The brand will hereafter focus strongly on the Sport tuned performance cars. The faster models will receive all the attention and the resources they need which is the key to success in turning more potential buyers into longterm customers.

Seat Cupra logo stylish

It has also been confirmed that the upcoming Cupra car will be an extended and much faster version of the current Leon. The car will come with a Cupra R badge indicating that it comes from the high performance division. While the actual launch date for the car is not available, the brand plans to release it in the next seven to eight months. Another high performance Ateca SUV is also in the making.

The SEAT spokesperson didn’t discuss the actual model from which the new logo and the business ideas of Cupra will be implemented. As they didn’t state is explicitly, it is safe to assume that it might take close to a year for the sports division to come into the mainstream market.

Image Credits : Autoexpress.Co.Uk

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