Shadow Warrior 2 on PS4 and Xbox One Will Mostly Not Support HDR

Shadow Warrior 2

The Flying Wild Hog developer of Shadow Warrior 2 recently announced its availability on PS4 and Xbox One.

However, the latest news from the team is that these versions will unfortunately most probably not support HDR. The reason cited for this is that they are pressed for time. Because of the time constraint to release the first person shooter game, the upcoming ports of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will not be able offer this functionality. It may be recalled that the game release has already been delayed many times since the very first announcement in June a couple of years ago. It is also worth noting that the PC version is already a few months old. Interestingly, Shadow Warrior 2 is the first game on PC to support HDR.

Shadow Warrior 2 Not Support HDR

However, there is a bit of good news considering the fact, the fast paced PS4 and Xbox One versions when launched will be compatible with the PS4 Pro as well. Developer Tadeusz Zielinski from the Polish studio stated that there are no specific enhancements in mind for PS4 Pro. In an interview with WCCFTech, when asked if PS4 Pro was versatile enough to support 4K gaming, Zielinski said that the console was indeed a very good upgrade over PS4. Although there is not much upgrade worth mentioning in terms of the CPU, the same cannot be said about the GPU that has undergone a major enhancement and renders a beastly performance. Added to this, he highlighted that the PS4 Pro has some very appealing hardware specifications that will definitely aid in getting the best 4K resolution without having to retort to brute force

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Zielinski also vouched for architect of PS4 Pro, Mark Cerney’s statement regarding speed. This is regarding that the ability of the console to perform two 16-bit instructions in parallel at a time instead of one 32-bit instruction to drastically increase the performance of the game. So, there are very good chances that gamers can play Shadow Warrior 2 much faster on PS4 Pro than PS4 and Xbox One when it is finally launched.

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