WhatsApp Status Sends Encrypted Messages to Specified Groups, Supports Location Sharing


WhatsApp has received a new “status” feature that allows users to send encrypted messages, media to specified groups or people.

It is expected to improve in the following months with new updates.

Whatsapp Encrypted Messages

When the feature was rolled out, it was really difficult for users to understand what status does. In a social media post, it has been confirmed that the way it works is very similar to what Snapchat and Instagram stories does. You can create an individual group of people and add them to your privacy settings. Later, a bunch of new stories and updates can be shared with the group without the hassles associated with public groups.

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The particular add-on is coming to WhatsApp on all platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and Android. While some past features ran better on other platforms and not on Windows phone, this time the developers have optimized it so that the seamless experience is shared by users on any platform of their choice.

WhatsApp Status Special Broadcast

A particular broadcast list is what you should create first in order to make use of the status channel. When you do so, it is important to add a list of participants by your privacy settings. The process is exactly the same for iOS, Android and Windows phones. It makes it easier for everyone to understand and make use of this shared stories features. The rollout allows advertisers to come up with interesting new content and ways to promote news as well as production promotions.

The shared list is completely private not only for the users who can share any type of content. It uses end to end encryption technology. The addition ensures privacy is maintained at all points making it easier to send Status media.

Whatsapp Supports Location Sharing

The Status recipients are managed based on your privacy settings. The feature which was supported to be rolled out to a large group of users is disabled right now. Location sharing feature will be part of WhatsApp Status update but it might take some time for it to work as intended. Some users have reported that it doesn’t work and ask them to update the Android version, according to a post on Twitter. We are looking for more updates and an official word from the developers is yet to be out.

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Using WhatsApp Status in real life for news and media sharing may take some time before it sees wide adoption. The large user base for the app might give it the head start it needs.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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