[Updated:] Here is Why The Sims 4 is not Coming to PS4 or Xbox One

The Sims 4 update

Update: The Sims 4 will be available on PS4 and Xbox One consoles from November 17, 2017.  Electronic Arts and Maxis have officially confirmed this. All the DLCs including expansion packs, game and stuff packs released so far for PCs will be launched on the consoles eventually. A live gameplay demo on both PS4 and Xbox One will be available at the show floor at Gamescom 2017 gaming expo to be held in August.

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The hopes of The Sims 4 gamers were alive until last month when the senior producer at Electronic Arts, Lyndsay Pearson, confirmed that the game’s development team is not working on a console version. She urged fans to pay no attention to rumors and speculations linking the latest game in the Sims series to consoles, not even PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Official Confirmation about The Sims 4 Console Edition

That’s indeed a heartbreaking statement for the life simulation video game expectant players! Since last year, gamers speculated EA and Maxis were planning The Sims 4 consoles edition. The month of May this year almost confirmed the rumors when the release of the game was delayed; people thought the company was porting the game to consoles only to be disappointed by Pearson’s July 26th tweet.

Sims 4 Xbox One PS4

Consequently, the game’s diehards have criticized the producer for keeping their hopes high only to shatter them later. They feel she could have cleared the air long ago when the rumors started emerging.

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Technical and marketing strategies cited

Traditionally, The Sims series has always been released for consoles; The Sims 4 will be the first game in the series to break the custom. As a result, different reasons behind the failure have been rumored by different tech activists. Some are citing technical difficulties in porting the game over to consoles while others are alluding to marketing strategies. Technically, it is rumored that The Sims Studio is experiencing technical hitches with the game’s console edition. Seemingly, the team is taking time to come up with a friendly game free of glitches, crashes, and bugs, which is what every gamer would want. Instead of calming the fans with a console edition of The Sims 4 with a down to earth gameplay, the team has resolved to an awesome edition that is seemingly taking some good time to put together.

No Sims 4 on Xbox One or PS4

Some gossips also associate the delay with the workload that will come along. The Sims 4 console variant will require the publisher to dispatch all the upgrades and DLCs to convince PC gamers to consider purchasing the PS4 or Xbox adaptation. The omission of the DLCs and upgrades will definitely piss them off as they will be like going back to a stripped down rendition. In the event that a console form is released without the latest DLCs and probably some enhanced amiability, fans will most likely ignore it. But, till now there is no information about when the latest DLC will be dispatched implying that it will take months or even years before we can see The Sims 4 console variant.

The Sims 4 update

The Sims 4 failure to reach consoles is also being associated with EA future marketing plans. It is rumored that the next generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Two, will be hitting the market sometime after 2018. The new consoles will obviously give a better gaming experience, and will be the perfect platform for the latest game.

Lastly, the franchise is mostly likely working on The Sims 5 scheduled for 2019. The next game will be awesome and EA and the Maxis Studios are taking their time.

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Fans still hopeful of console variant

Nonetheless, some fans are not giving up. The optimistic lot still hopes The Sims 4 developers (The Sims Studio), which are a collaboration of Electronic Arts and Maxis, will change their mind on the issue. The fans who critically analyzed Lyndsay’s tweet, note that the producer used the word ‘near future’, which means the team may release the game for consoles in some unspecified amount of time.

If the franchise is indeed contemplating a The Sims 4 console edition, then they have to work pretty fast before 2019 when gamers’ minds will be switched to The Sims 5.

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  1. I think it is very dumb not to come out wit the sims 4 for ps4. We have supported this game for years too not only pc users.You are going to lose alot of faithful fans.We grown to luv this game in you guys left us out to dry.I like pc but i perfer to play on a gaming console the experience is overwhelming.Well if u decide to or not decide to make the game for ps4 and xbox1, i still will luv the game cause it got me through alot of hard days, it made me be in another world wit no problems.But i wont support it only on the pc,cause you will not get the same experience as a gaming system….Good luck guys…I like the new graphics n characters great work

  2. I have been waiting so long for a Sims game on the PS4. I don’t own a PC and love the looks and style to Sims 4. It really sucks that the producers don’t want it to be released to the consoles. Like many other fans have said, is losing fans really worth it? Again, I love the game itself and would love to play it, but I can’t due to this unfortunate circumstance.

  3. Lol should retract this article. Playstation announced sims 4 coming out for ps4 this november.

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