Sims 4: New Game Mode Goes Live, To Be Up For a Few Days


The new game mode titled ‘Scenarios’, which involves a difficult challenge for the players, went live earlier this week.

Yesterday (November 3) was also quite a special day as it marked the inclusion of the first-ever time-limited mode in the game.

According to a press release sanctioned by the developers, Too Many Toddlers is available from November 3 to November 6. While you can’t run it after November 6, you will still get the opportunity to finish post this date if you happen to start the scenario anytime between November 3-6.

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According to the information shared on a community website of The Sims, this new scenario, which is time-limited in nature, will involve your Sim trying to find out the ways in which one can look after the toddlers. There are a few requirements laid down for this challenge. There have to be three toddler Sims and one who is above the age of 18 or an adult. Using four different skills, the toddlers will have to try and reach level 3.

To get detailed information about the various scenarios in The Sims 4, you can watch the Inside Maxis Livestream where a large number of things were discussed including the ways to earn money in the game. These are permanent scenarios that you can explore anytime in the game. However, to tackle them, you will be required to put together a new household.

As stated in the Livestream, the aim of the scenarios is not just to make the player deal with a new challenge but also to complete the given task using any method they find right or appropriate. The scenarios are in line with the ethos of the game which offers a lot of freedom and flexibility to the players.

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One of the challenges that you can expect to come across in the near future in scenarios is titled ‘perfectly well rounded’. In this challenge, the Sim will be required to complete a goal or aspiration. The Sim will have five friends for the company while carrying out this challenge and will be using three distinctive skills to get to level ten.

The Sims 4 fans woke up to another exciting reveal recently. A small glimpse of The Blooming Rooms Kit, which is aimed to please nature lovers and environmentalists, was revealed yesterday. The Kit will be launched officially on November 9.

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