Top 5 Halloween Themed CC in The Sims 4


In The Sims 4, The Sims like to celebrate every festival or holiday in an elaborate manner.

One of the most celebrated occasions in the game continues to be Halloween. As is the case with any other special occasion, the fans could create something better out of what was provided to them. This enthusiasm led to them putting together a bunch of creative, customized content. All this, they believe, will give an edge to the game and make it come across as far more interesting and fun.

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The custom content, which revolves around the theme of Halloween, touches upon a wide range of topics ranging from food and beverages to architectural activities. Looking at the way things are shaping up, this Halloween on The Sims 4 is expected to be scarier than the last one.

Here are the top 5 Halloween themed CCs in The Sims 4

Halloween Stand

Among other things, Halloween is a good occasion for parents and children to step out of the house, bond with each other and have some fun together. Once trick-and-treating comes to an end, the children and the parents can have a look at everything the Halloween stand, designed by ArLi1211, has to offer. It’s not a regular stand. If you observe closely, the design is in sync with the Halloween theme. It would be the right place to grab a bottle of soft drink or a pack of chips from.


The Scary Cat

A Halloween remains incomplete without scary elements. If you thought only ghosts, vampires or zombies could look scary, then you must check out Princess, the cat. Designed by MoonFeather, this territorial cat is a mysterious creature and roams around the streets at night. If you come across it, you should be ready for some scary surprises!


Halloween Village

Kudos to the imagination of kiimy_2_Sweet who came up with the idea of putting together a Halloween-themed village. The furnished version of this charming village is a little expensive but worth a buy. There is also an unfurnished version but it fails to replicate the charm and vibrancy associated with the furnished village.


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Haunted Victorian Mansion

The Haunted Victorian Mansion, created by Christine11778, lives up to its name and delivers the chills. It is a huge mansion consisting of three bedrooms, an equal number of bathrooms, an elaborate kitchen, a vast dining room, a sitting area and a living area. The mansion might remind you of many of such structures that you might have come across in historical horror films.


Frank N. Stein

Frankenstein remains one of the scariest characters in history. So, one is not surprised to come across Frank N. Stein, a character inspired by it in The Sims 4. Created by a user named Snowhaze, Frank N. Stein has many characteristics that are similar to the iconic fictional monster but is quite different at the same time. The look he carries is frightening but he seems to be a good-natured creature.

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