The Sims 4: Recent Leak Seems to Offer a Glimpse of The New Kit


While there is some time for the next kit in The Sims 4 to arrive, a recent leak seems to have given fans an idea about what one should expect from it.

There seems to be some good news for those players who were wishing for more greenery around.

According to a Twitter user, who goes by the handle @ALumia_Italia, the theme of the soon-to-be-launched kit is plants. This Twitter account is known for sharing information about the Microsoft Store. There is a strong indication about the kit being named the Blooming Rooms Kit. It is expected to get a launch on Xbox One on November 9. There are good chances of the kit being released on other major platforms on the same date.;0.0535xw,0&resize=768:*

The promotional image by the company, that got leaked recently, was reported by different forums and portals including It was also a hot topic of discussion on Reddit for some time. One can see different varieties of plants in the leaked image. Many of the fans are of the opinion that just like some of the recently launched kits, this kit, too, would cost $5 / £5.


In September, the ‘Season of Selves’ roadmap confirmed the news that four new Kits will be launched shortly. While two of those, Incheon Arrivals and Fashion Street, have already been launched, Blooming Rooms Kit will be the third new Kit to arrive. There is no information about the fourth Kit yet.

The developers at Electronic Arts recently stated that the Industrial Loft Kit Window, which was missing from the game till now, will be included by the last week of November. What’s interesting is that the launch of the Kit will be a part of the base game getting updated. This particular announcement was made during the Inside Maxis live stream that was conducted recently.

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The team also shared, during the live stream, that a particular hairstyle, that has been very popular in the Toddler Stuff Pack, shall be included in the base game. Two of their top priorities, the team said, were mobility items and disability representation.

Among the many things the team plans to do in the future includes the implementation of a Sims Delivery Express system that will enable the developers to carry out minor updates on their own.

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