Sims 4: Sims Uses Grim Painting To Make Prediction About Own Death


Recently, a Sims 4 player shared a screenshot of the game which reflected the fact that their Sim might just have used a grim painting to predict their own death.

Because of the kind of autonomy Sims exercises, the game’s fans have often come across their families behaving in a strange manner. There have been many weird incidents including one in which a player witnessed their player succumbing to death after getting to know about pregnancy.

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In The Sims franchise, death has been one of the most prominent themes. Each version of the game has provided Sims with innovative ways to meet the Grim Reaper and get done with their time in the game. Though Sims 4 does not feature the death-by-removing-the-pool-ladder, the game has brought in a bunch of new sudden-death mechanics. One of them makes it possible for Sims to embrace death by using a Murphy bed.

Once a Sim dies, they get to meet the Grim Reaper. While the Grim Reaper has often been described as a “figure of doom and gloom”, Sims fans have made him behave differently with the help of mods and cheats.

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A screenshot shared by wybiek, a Sims 4 player and a prominent Redditor, hints towards the fact that their Sim may have managed to predict their own death using a spooky painting. In the screenshot, one can see the Sim lying on the floor in a lifeless manner and the Grim Reaper moving around the area. One also sees a freshly completed painting that shows a deep-in-sleep cat. The position in which the cat is sleeping is a close reflection of the Sim that is lying dead on the ground. Even if the painting doesn’t have any direct connection with the death of the Sim, one can’t deny the fact that is a rather strange coincidence.

I think my sim knew how he was gonna die from his painting! from thesims

While new content constantly gets added to the game in the form of Kits and expansions, one is yet to see the Sims evolving in a big way. Most of the Sims keep learning new things but to make the game more exciting, the developing team needs to find a way to show them doing more interesting things.

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