The Sims 4 To Feature Customizable Pronouns

Sims 4 cottage

Maxis, a prominent Sims 4 developer, has made an announcement confirming that customizable genders will arrive in The Sims 4 soon.

This announcement came through during the Sims 4 livestream that happened recently. During this livestream session, several members of The Sims team had an elaborate discussion with gender researchers regarding this update. They also discussed the visual details and how it will appear to be after it is implemented.

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The team stated that the aforementioned footage is currently in its development stage and could go through many alterations. As of now, there are strong indications of this feature being launched in The Sims 4 in the form of a drop box. This will be similar to the kind of drop box that players are made to fill out when they enter the Create A Sim phase while playing the game. After selecting the drop box, players shall be provided with the option of choosing from three different pronouns for their sims. After this, the pronouns will be distributed in the form of multiple sentences to make sure there are no grammatical errors.

The Sims 4's pronoun customization menu

The Sims 4 producer SimGuruDuckhas stated that the update reflects the team’s efforts towards putting together offering players a more inclusive experience within the game. He said that in today’s world, one must focus on gender neutrality to have a society that is fully inclusive. He assured fans that The Sims franchise has constantly been on a path of evolution and the team keeps looking for ways and processes to make the game more inclusive.

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He also revealed that a lot more work is required to be done towards developing this new feature. The team, he stated, is seeking advice from gender-neutral language advisors and conducting extensive research to ensure that no issue crops up after the feature is implemented.

This update is all set to be rolled out six years after the developing team at The Sims 4 gave all genders access to Create ASim options. This enabled all the players to make adjustments to the hair, clothing and other physical features of their aims without any restrictions pertaining to their gender. This was a progressive move by the developing team and players now had better control over how they wish to represent their sims. Despite this, they had to choose from two gender options, male and female.

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