Report: Drug Cartels Using GTA 5 Online To Hire Runners


Ever since it was launched in September 2013, Grand Theft Auto V has been in the middle of many controversies.

While the game has received widespread popularity, it has also been criticized for various reasons. A lot of people had had issues with the use of strong language in the game. There has also been a large section of gamers who have pointed out that the violence gets too gruesome at times and is not the kind that young players should be exposed to.

At times, the developing team owned up to their mistakes and promised to make amends and there were occasions when the game got into trouble because of external factors. Now, the game has again courted controversy because of the wrongdoings of some people who are not connected with it.

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Law enforcement officials have gathered some substantial evidence that points towards the drug cartels operating from North America using GTA 5 online to recruit players in their trade. A recently published report by Forbes has shed light on the grave issue of real cartel members the online title to recruit young players to drug cartels based in the United States and Mexico.

This particular contained information pertaining to American officials getting hold of 60kg of methamphetamine in a Jeep Cheroke owned by a young woman. The young woman told the officials that she cajoled into becoming a ‘runner’ for a fellow she came across while playing Grand Theft Auto Online.

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After meeting each other on GTA Online, they took their interaction further on Snapchat. The man offered her to pay $2,000 if she agreed to ship some electronic items that would be sold in Mexico. When the law enforcement officials checked her vehicle in Arizona, they stumbled upon drugs hidden inside the gas tank of the Jeep.

While it is not clear the extent to which the young woman was informed about the methamphetamine that was found in her Jeep she has been charged with possessing illegal drugs and trying to import them to another country.

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