Sims Patents Hint At AI Technology Being Used In The Game

Sims 4

Electronic Arts has filed a bunch of new patents that hint at the possibility of AI technology being used for the purpose of creating characters in the game.

Ever since it was launched in the year 2014, a large amount of content or material has been added to The Sims 4. But, none of those updates, in a big way, changed the process by which characters were created in the game. The Sims’ fans always remain in the search of new options for customizing the characters and other features in the game.

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Players of The Sims use the Create-A-Sim mode to create different characters and get several options to customize them. Ranging from the shape of their face to the color of their eyes, they get a variety of adjustment options. Through click and drag controls, players can alter the facial features of the characters and with the help of sliders, they can increase or decrease the Sim’s weight. For a while now, The Sims 4 had been receiving criticism for providing lesser number of features in their Create-A-Sim versions as compared to the ones players came across in previously released Sims games.

As per the information available on SimsCommunity, recent patents filed by Electronic Arts indicate towards the possibility of some key changes being introduced in Create-A-Sim. One of the major patents states how players will be able to upload multiple images and then, convert them into an in-game Simwith the help of AI technology. Though this seems to be the only patent that featured imagery pertaining to Sims, the reports carried out by SimsCommunity indicate that Electronic Arts has filed other patents that revolve around character creation and will be used in the Sims series.

patent 1

One of the prominent patents is for a technology that will enable the use of video footage to incorporate a fully fleshed out character in the game. Players will also get the opportunity to put together custom animations with the help of video files. The company has also patented a system that will have the ability to analyze videos or images or animals to incorporate both behavior and appearance of different animals in the game.

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