Skoda Vision E Concept Sketches Reveal a 5-Door Electric SUV Set for Shanghai Expo

Skoda Vision E

Skoda is entering the electric mobility market with their Vision E concept car.

The vehicle is set for reveal during the upcoming Shanghai auto expo 2017 edition.

The event will commence in the month of April and with just days to go, it is exciting than ever as almost all top automobile brands are planning to showcase their development in the all-electric segment. The upcoming model has been revealed in a couple of sketches and it shows a 5-door coupe like design. The car doesn’t sport a front grille but is expected to be quite large in size offering best in-class interior space for passengers. The car measures 4,645mm in length mounted on a wheelbase measured at 2,850mm.

Skoda Vision E Concept

A pair of electric motors power the model justifying its all-electric claim. The electric motors when paired together produces about 302 horsepower which seems good for the coupe model. Skoda claims that the upcoming electric model can go up to 180 kilometers per hour. Equipped with large lithium ion batteries, the Vision E concept can go upto 500 kilometers on a single charge.

Skoda has announced in an earlier statement that the company plans to produce electric models as early as 2019 and start launching them one at a time. The first one to hit stores is expected to be the hybrid Superb after which the first all-electric model will be out by 2020. According to the company’s product timeline, they will have at least five different fully electric models probably with autonomous capabilities by 2025.

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Vision E is also expected to be Level 3 autonomous with the capability to automatically drive through traffic, run long distances on motorways, maintain a specific lane when instructed and can also find parking spaces so as to automatically fit into it. While it is mandatory for a driver to be seated in the car at all times, Level 3 saves a lot of trouble for a driver as the car will be capable of performing most actions without human interference.

Skoda Vision E

While we do have a couple of sketches before the Shanghai expo, it is during the event Skoda Vision E concept car will be revealed in metal. The present version may not be the production unit as there is still a long way to go to finalize the design, engine placement and other factors before showing the car to the general public. Skoda’s collaborative brands are also going to showcase their electric concepts in the Chinese auto expo.